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Flavio Gianassi - FG Fine Art Ltd - Head of a Nynph



An imaginary journey that wants to cross Italy from North to South.

The oldest artwork is a more than life size virile torso from Roman times, datable between the first and second centuries AD, from an English collection.

female white marble head (I-II century AD), depicting a female creature, perhaps Diana, with its ideal beauty is placed on a dialogue with an Achrome by Piero Manzoni from the early 1960s.

Two paintings on copper by Franz de Paula Ferg, an 18th-century Austrian painter, pay homage to the Italian popular culture that with its festivals and dances were a source of inspiration for the painters from across the Alps. Coming from Rudolf von Gutmann's collection, the two paintings were confiscated by the Nazis in 1938, hidden in the salt mines of Alt Aussee along with other masterpieces, and returned to the family in 1947.

A further homage to Italian culture is the Leda and Swan, from Picture in the Junk (2009), by Vik Muñoz, who uses trash to create artworks inspired by old masters, as in this case, by Leonardo.

Finally this is a return to Italy for Flavio Gianassi as well who, for his first fair, chooses Turin and Flashback 2020.


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