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Distinctive services tailored to clients

With 20 years of experience, knowing the importance of creating a coherent collection and lasting legacy, we guide our clients towards art from different centuries, being aware of their aesthetic and budget. With the vision of the client as the main and primary focus, through transparent negotiations, we are able to provide a discreet and independent approach without been tied to any gallery or auction house.



Enjoyment and heritage

Art is emotional and so are the acts of buying and selling it.  Taking the time to get to know the clients understanding their taste and ground helps us to suggest a unique solution for every stage of collecting. Determining the purpose of a collection can help to draw a vision for meaningful and valuable acquisitions. 
We provide expert advice and tailored recommendations, but the final decision and management of the collection is down to the client.

Flavio Gianassi - FG Fine Art LTD - Roman Putto (particolare)
Flavio Gianassi - FG Fine Art Ltd - Manzoni (part)


Buying mind free

We consider quality, authenticity and condition as pilasters of any collection. We know that buying important artworks can be very competitive. We get these services done quickly and efficiently with the aid of experts that can study each artwork in detail, review provenance research and verify attribution, providing an extensive due diligence, managing all negotiations and overseeing the logistics.
We understand the importance of feeling confident and hassle free when it comes to buying the art you choose. This is why we invest time and energy necessary to be well prepared for any special requests or concerns our clients may have.


Attention to Details

We bring our experience and know-how with us to every job, ensuring that artworks are kept in the finest conditions and helping to make the most of the collections. We can suggest tailored services as appropriate framing, insurance, art as collateral, shipping, import and export, collection archives, museums and exhibitions loans.  What distinguishes our service from the rest of the market is our attention to details and receptiveness to the unique needs of each client.


Flavio Gianassi - FG Fine Art Ltd - Madonna (dettaglio)
Flavio Gianassi - FG Fine Art Ltd - Ferg (dettaglio)


Maximize the value

Selling is an important part of an evolving collection. We provide to our clients a tailored solution to get the best return from their art. We ensure a smooth process for the client through auction houses or private sales, following every step, from consignment negotiations to pre and post-sale supervision and logistics.


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